Published on September 21 2017

UNIX is one of the most preferred operating system due to its uptime compared to Windows or any other software. UNIX was developed in the 1970s and has continuously been developed over the years and therefore has been very successful. Its success comes from its flexibility as it can be used by a wide range of computer hardware. Its performance is better than other popular operating systems and its said to be the most secure of them all. UNIX is also stable as it does not go down as other operation systems do. This is why UNIX has been largely successful, this continuous use and diversity has led to a wide range of uses and here are Five brilliant ways to use UNIX. 


1. Hosting websites- Due to its stability and uptime, UNIX is the most preferred platform for web hosting services. UNIX is also compatible with other operating systems such as windows which use the UNIX based programming features like PHP and MySQL, therefore, giving the UNIX based web hosting software an upper hand.


2. Developing programs to run on other operating systems- UNIX’s compatibility with a lot of other operating systems is its most brilliant feature and has attributed to its long term survival. Programs written for UNIX can be run on Windows.


3. Developing applications for Android- Android is the most used software in smartphones. Android itself is largely based on UNIX and it actually uses its kernel features. This makes using UNIX to program for Android a better choice.


4. Hacking and security testing- UNIX is the most preferred by hackers as it allows you to look into the code, change the configuration files and can even therefore destroy the system if you want to. This freedom to explore the codes and ability to modify the codes makes UNIX a priceless platform for hackers. Data Recovery professionals and even digital forensic examiners. This also makes security tests easier and ease to mend loopholes in the system.


5. Film production- Approximately, UNIX is used on about 80% of all servers. This is due to its stability and performance. About 95% of all animation film productions are done on LINUX servers which have been developed from UNIX. It's also because it can handle more work and is secure than other servers based on other operating systems. This is also because of the ability to customize it.


UNIX definitely has some of the most brilliant uses of all operating systems as it also used in a home theatre PC [HTPC] which is through LINUX. It also has many specialised uses due to its flexible, customizable feature, and its free and open source nature. This attributes diverse its range of use, therefore, making it one of the most preferred and used operating systems.

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Written by Norman E. Hagan

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Published on October 27 2016

Hard Drive RecoveryOften hard drives fail for many several reasons. A person could leak a drink on his or your girlfriend laptop, or the hard disk drive may just get overheated; however, there exists hard drive recovery, which will get the data off of the hard disk drive.

You will discover two main reasons why computer drives fail: logical or technical failure. Logical failure transpires if it is still in good shape although there are lost partitions, dangerous files, or software flaws. Mechanical failure is if part of the physical drive is broken. No matter how you're the item stopped functioning correctly, you have to stop using your computer then it stops functioning appropriately to protect the data so that it is usually recovered. Additionally, there are signals that a computer is enduring data loss and will need disk drive recovery.

If a computer acquired fluid spilled on it, been recently overheated, or dropped, this could result in damage that could end in data loss. Additionally, power spikes will also cause computers to own data loss. If a computer begins making a grinding or pressing noise that is coming from the disc drive, this could mean drive disappointment. Additionally, if it is not any extended recognized by the BIOS or perhaps if the hard disk reports almost any bad sectors, this means there may be data loss. This is only a few of the symptoms of data loss where recovery should be applied.

If it is a mechanical inability and a person needs hard disk drive recovery, he or she will probably send it to a skilled, such as Secure Data Recovery or another professional service that is seasoned in dealing with removing data in a physical form from a drive. However, whether it is only lost partitions or maybe corrupted files, there is regular recovery software that can help with repairing your computer.

One of the best healing software that is available is Nucleus Data Recovery. This software will probably analyze the crashed commute and show you the data which might be recovered. Another good hard drive restoration software is Recover My Data. Recovery My Files does indeed disk recovery after a disk drive crash, file recovery immediately after an accidental format, obtains data back after dividing, and many other kinds of data recovery. A different such recovery software is Get for Windows. Recovery will recover data from these drives that crashed in addition to retrieving data from undesirable sectors. There are much good healing period software that a person can certainly try to recover data; nevertheless, if these do not do the job, take it to a professional treatment person to remove the data.

What patients have saved on their personal computer drive is usually very relevant facts; however, accidents and drives do happen. However, you will discover hard drive recovery software as well as professionals who know how to complete hard drive recovery and can spend less a person's data after a computer system crash or accident. Make certain that you buy reputable software or simply use a reputable professional.

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Written by Norman E. Hagan

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